Location Podcast Recording Services

Professional Location Recording


Based in Manchester, Northwest England, we travel to locations around the UK to record audio on location such as podcasts, training products, lectures, one-off audio guides, trade shows, poetry recitals, audio books, hypnotherapy CD’s, and corporate interviews.

Our location recording service is flexible and can be used for a number of purposes. We come to your location with professional recording equipment to record one or more people for the purpose of producing a finished audio programme.

Whether the audio is for promotion or marketing, educational, souvenir or record of an event, we can record for a number of scenarios in various locations. We also have the skills to mix and match audio from a number of locations into one audio file.

On completion of the location recording session, we edit the raw material back at our production studio to produce a professional sounding piece of audio and deliver it for your approval.

The Location Recording Experience

We provide an on location recording service where we come to you and record your podcast material with the minimum of fuss. Typically, our service avoids the stress and hassle that can be involved in going to a recording studio.

We have a one-take policy, which means that we just keep recording and edit out mistakes during the editing / production stage. Recording on location means that you can do as many retakes as you like and we will sort out the edits back at our production suite.

When we are happy with the sonic quality of the audio, we send you a downloadable version for your approval. We can then tweak it until you are completely happy with it.

Who can use this Recording Service?

Anyone who wants to have a professional podcast or audio programme recorded. This could be for corporate podcasts, meetings, training, interviews, anything that you need recorded on location.

Past clients include large companies such as the Talk Talk Group and Government bodies through to sole traders. We have recorded motivational speakers, corporate training podcasts, industry interviews, therapists, personal coaches and networking events and tradeshow hosts. Our location recording service can be set-up to record at a fixed location or used whilst on the move.

Experienced Audio Producer, Lee Pritchard

Podcast Recording Services is headed by experienced sound engineer and audio producer, Lee Pritchard. Lee has over 15 years experience in sound engineering and audio production, much of which has been live and on location recording. Lee is involved in a number of related companies all under the umbrella name of Bright Cloud Media.

Currently these include

Lee is also an active blogger at MediaMusicNow Blog and is happy to connect with like-minded people on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Listen to recent productions of our location recording service by clicking on the demos (top right) and contact us for a no obligation chat about your project. It also gives us the opportunity to provide you with any additional information relevant to your enquiry.